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Hydrocodine/APAP 5-325mg/10-325mg Now Available
Oxycodine/APAP 5-325mg/10-325mg Now Available
Oxycodine 5mg/10mg Now Available

About The Drugs
Hydrocodine/APAP 5-325mg
Manufacturer-Mallinckrodt Pharm. (M365/M367 Imprint)
Price-$4/7 USD (Minimum Order-30/25 Pills)
Oxycodine/APAP 5-325mg or 10-325mg
Manufacturer-Mallinckrodt Pharm. (512 Imprint)
Price-$5/8 USD (Minimum Order-30/25 Pills)
Oxycodine 5mg/10mg/30mg
Manufacturer-Quailitest Pharm.
Price-$5/8/20 USD (Minimum Order-30/25/20 Pills)

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We are a secretive organization that has access to hundreds of pills to help people with delibitating pain. Every order is pharmacy grade, no fake presses, no fentanyl, no danger. We have specials weekly, and offer bulk discounts for 30 pills or more. All of our packages are very discreet, shipped worldwide, and use uncommon ways to ship our packages (order for details relating to your package OPSEC).

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